The incidence of skin cancer has risen by over 400% in the last few decades. Dermatologists know what a huge impact skin cancer can have on your life. Early accurate diagnosis and treatment can give you the best chance of a cure and help to minimise scarring. Our dermatologists are skin cancer specialists and experienced dermatological surgeons.

Skin Cancer Overview

Skin cancer is in part caused by excess sun exposure, although there are other factors involved such as genetics, environment etc. The three main types of skin cancer can be divided into non-melanoma (basal and squamous cell carcinoma) and melanoma skin cancers.  Non-melanoma skin cancers are common and don’t usually spread or recur whilst melanoma is rarer, but if left too long without treatment, has a good chance of spreading.

Skin Cancer Treatment options

Superficial non-melanoma skin cancer can be easily treated by a number of different modalities including non-surgical techniques such as photo-dynamic therapy. Larger cancers require surgical excision or localized radiation therapy. Melanoma is only treated by surgical excision.

Remember, the earlier you get skin cancer treated, the less likely it is to recur or spread, and the less likely the treatment is to leave you disfigured.  If you are worried about potential skin cancer, get in touch and let one of our consultants evaluate you.

Skin Cancer Before Treatment

Skin Cancer After Treatment