Dermatologists know what a huge impact skin disease can have on your life.  Early accurate diagnosis and treatment can bring about an excellent improvement in quality of life even for incurable conditions.  Our dermatologists are able to diagnose and treat most skin conditions, including conditions of the nail, scalp and genitals, not just cysts.

Cyst overview

Cysts are caused when a hair follicle becomes blocked.  Although intrinsically, cysts are not of major medical concern they may swell up causing disfigurement, pain and sometimes discharge fluid.  Cysts can be classed as epidermoid/sebaceous if they are superficial, and pilar if they are deep.  They are caused by the same process as acne and may be recurrent.

Cyst treatment options

Inflamed cysts (or acne cysts) tend to respond well to cortisone injections.  Larger cysts can be surgically removed by a number of differing techniques.  If cysts continue to form, then treatment is the same as for acne with a drug such as a retinoid.

Remember, although many skin conditions are not curable, cysts can certainly be greatly improved with the appropriate treatment.  See our before and after images showing how treatment can improve the cosmetic appearance.  There is no need to suffer with cysts.  Get in touch and let one of our consultants treat your condition.

Cyst Before Treatment

Cyst After Treatment