The incidence of skin allergy has risen in the last few decades. Dermatologists know what a huge impact allergy can have on your life.  Early accurate diagnosis and treatment can give you the best chance of controlling your allergy.  Our dermatologists are skin allergy specialists and have great experience at dealing with this kind of condition regularly.

Allergy treatment Overview

Skin allergy can manifest in two main ways.

1) Urticaria; Itchy welts that appear on the skin as red swellings in small areas, or sometimes larger plaques. This kind of pattern may also involve swelling of the lips and eyelids. There is not always an identifiable trigger for this condition.

2) Allergic contact dermatitis; an acute, sometimes severe or blistering eczema which occurs in the site of contact with allergen. Hands, face and genitals are most often affected.

Allergy treatment options

For acute urticaria with facial or tongue swelling and difficulty in breathing, there is no time to waste – dial 999 and call an ambulance immediately.  The other forms of skin allergy are usually diagnosed either with blood tests or patch tests depending on the suspected cause.  Avoidance of the allergen should then bring about complete resolution of the condition over time.

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Remember, if your allergy is causing your tongue to swell or affecting your breathing, dial 999 and ask for an ambulance immediately!  For any other type of suspected skin allergy, see one of our consultants to have your allergy diagnosed and your symptoms treated.

Allergy Before Treatment

Allergy After Treatment